When specific problems arise such as chronic excessive humidity, a suspected microorganism infection or the results of long term neglect, Power Vac has the experienced personnel and specialized equipment required.

CASPER (Power Vac Cleaning And Spraying Powered Electronic Robot) was developed exclusively for Power Vac Systems of Canada. It is in a class by itself for versatility and efficiency, operating as a high speed brush or as an applicator for deodorizers, disinfectants or Tough Coat for sealing interior ductwork.

Most HVAC systems have some insulation inside the ductwork. The deterioration of fiberglass insulation causes airborne fibres. This deterioration can be remedied by means of an application of a product called Tough Coat which binds and coats this material with little effect upon its acoustical or insulation properties.

In HVAC systems where microbial growth is a problem and/or disinfecting is required. Power Vac uses a quaternary ammonium compound, BIO Wash Q. It is approved and registered for use in Canada. It is primarily used around cooling coils and humidification systems because of the moisture present within the ventilation unit.

While BIO Wash Q will kill the microbial growth, if moisture returns, growth will recur. In order to prevent this we apply the KEFA Micropore System. Condensing or penetrating moisture is adsorbed by the pores of the KEFA and spread over a huge surface area from where it can quickly evaporate. This evaporation gets rid of the moisture and prevents microbial growth.